Maskol - 28ml Bottle

Maskol - 28ml Bottle


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Maskol - 28ml Bottle


Item Code: AC5217

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In this video we show you how you should use Maskol on your plastic kit to really get the best possible look and finish.

Humbrol products used in this video:

Humbrol Maskol 28ml - AC5217
Flat Brush Pack - AG4302
Coloro Brush Pack - AG4050
Humbrol Clear 125ml - AC7431
Humbrol Enamel Thinners - AC7430

Airfx products used in this video:

Pzkw VI Ausf.B 'King Tiger' Tank 1:76 - A03310

Please note that this item can only be delivered to UK addresses


A rubber solution that can be applied to surfaces to prevent them being painted. When the paint has dried the Maskol can be simply peeled off.


Common plastics used to manufacture model kits including polystyrene and ABS and a wide variety of other applications including glass.


Brush only. Apply to surface, allow to dry and paint over. When paint is dry peel off the Maskol.

Drying Time

15-20 minutes.

How to Clean

Wipe away using a damp cloth.

% Safety Notice

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