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Hornby Hobbies Announces Warehouse Move

Hornby Hobbies Announces Warehouse Move

Hornby Hobbies Ltd is to move its warehouse and distribution facilities to Lakeside Business Park in Hersden, North East of Canterbury. The site will be managed by DS Logistics. The move has been brought about by the need to continue to modernise and grow the business and as a result of tired warehouse conditions at the Margate site. Hornby’s office staff will continue to work from the Margate based offices. The Hornby Visitor Centre will continue to welcome visitors as usual.

Richard Ames, CEO said “We are committed to maintaining our connection in East Kent and are extremely pleased to be able to confirm that all permanent Hornby staff employed as part of the distribution warehouse team will be transferred to the new site. We have felt the need to find new premises for a while as our warehouse facilities are no longer suitable for a large scale, modern logistics operation. The new facilities will give Hornby a solid platform from which to develop a strong business and provide excellent customer service and on time deliveries for our customers well into the future.”

“We are agile and specialised in creating customised logistics business models – and are delighted to announce that Hornby Hobbies has chosen to expand their logistics operation with us” said Peter Dubbeld, CEO of DS Logistics. “Our international experience in warehouse development within the segment enables us to perform out of a high quality building in cost and time efficient manner.”

This agreement is for a number of years and means that with DS Logistics responsible for storage, handling and distribution, Hornby gain increased possibilities for growth-enhancing and cost saving solutions in their logistics.”

“We have started to improve our communication level to our customers, and the enthusiasts for our products,” said Nathaniel Southworth, Sales & Brand Director. “We have been repeatedly told by our customers that our turnaround time between order placement and despatch to store is too long. The team have been trialling improvements over the last 12 months and whilst some progress has been made we feel the warehouse move will give us further capabilities to provide products on time. The purpose built facilities are state of the art, and are part of our wider Group activities to improve our all-round business performance.”

The Margate warehouse has been open since 1954 when it was built for Triang Railways who were subsequently merged with Hornby in 1965. In 1970 Hornby built a second warehouse to meet the demand for space but these days much of the production takes place overseas and since 2000 the factory space has been used as a warehousing and packing facility. During this time the acquisition of additional brands Corgi and Airfix saw staffing levels steadily increase at the site.

Peter Oliver who has worked at Hornby for 40 years says “It’s a really exciting time for Hornby, we’re all pleased about the move and looking forward to being in new, spacious, modern surroundings.”

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